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Data Centre

Our UK servers are based in Technical Building, Maidenhead, a dedicated managed data centre.



Network infrastructure is fully switched, redundant routers with multiple connections to different ISP's. Each server has a 100Mbit connection on a fully switched port to an edge switch which is then connected to two separate aggregation switches at 1Gbit, giving failover redundancy on either 1Gbit link.

The aggregation switches have multiple 2Gbit uplinks to core switches which are interlinked at 4Gbit. Network transit is to level 3, AboveNet and NewNet and approx 200 peering sessions to other ISP's at LINX, XChangePoint and LoNAP. Total connectivity is 8000Mbits.


The datacentre has 24/7 security consisting of on-site personel, security barrier, 24x7x356 monitoring, CCTV cameras and security breach alarms. Visual verification is carried out of all visitors to the facility.


Access to the building, data floors and individual areas are via individually programmed Proximity Access Cards (PAC). Issue and usage of PAC's is logged centrally by time and date. Usage of any PAC is limited to one individual. Whenever a PAC is swiped over a security sensor, the digital photograph is displayed on security system constantly monitored by security personel. This information is verified visually vefore access is granted.


A minimum of 1kW per square meter is provided for throughout the data floors. Power provision is maintained at an N+1 standard, meaning that if two generators are required to provide 100% load, then 3 will be installed. Backup generators and UPS systems guarantee power 100% of the time, even in the event of a main grid power failure.

Backups power systems consist of 6 2000kVA Generators and 8000KVA of UPS systems.


Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) is installed in the facility. These highly sensitive smoke detectors are linked to teh Building Management System, which is monitored continuously by the Network Operations Centre. This provides very early detection to avoid firs, loss and disruption to business. This is coupled with an environmentally friendly �gas fire retardant to put our fires instantly without damaging equipment.


To ensure optimum performance, all data floors are maintained at a constant 21°C ± 2°C and relative humidity is kept at 50% ± 10%. Both are continually monitored via the BMS.

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