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Windows Website Hosting

Windows Website Hosting

We provide home users, businesses and developers with a world class, resilient & feature packed Shared Hosting package.

Our servers are located in the UK and are housed on advanced, high spec, Windows 2003 .NET servers with a minimum specification of Pentium 4 2.4GHz, 1024Mb RAM, 2 x 80gb Hard Drives.

We use the feature packed Helm Web Hosting Control System to provide you with a comprehensive Control Panel to manage your domains, email addresses, ftp accounts and everything else to do with your hosting.

We use Helm
Control Panel to provide
you full control.

Our servers are located in an advanced Data Centre in Maidenhead, in airconditioned server rooms with UPS, backup generators and fire detection and suppression systems.

Of course, Excellent Service & Support is standard with all our hosting plans. We provide high levels of support and flexibility to our clients and our aim is to work with them to meet their expectations.

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