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What our clients say...

We like to consider our clients as partners in business. If your website functions correctly and efficiently then it can only help your business; and if your business is going well, that's good for us too.

At JSC Solutions Ltd we like to take an interest in our clients' businesses, and if we have expertise or ideas that can help, then we like to share them.

Following are a few of the comments - excerpts from letters and emails - that we have received from our clients.

During the GTL Challenge in 2006, I was faced with the problem of streaming large video files from remote parts of Africa and downloading them onto a website. The technology we were using was state of the art and some of the technical team doubted whether it could be done. I put the problem to James and I had the solution within 24 hours. James combines imagination with a profound technical knowledge and his clients are the winners, certainly this client was.

Malcolm Wells,
Sasol Chevron

I want to let you know how much I appreciate not only the professional service that we have always had from you but also the extra care and personal attention that we get makes you stand out from the crowd. It means so much to us to find a business that genuinely cares about its clients and all the effort and extra help you have given us has been brilliant. Also your ability to discuss things in an understandable, jargon-free way is much appreciated by someone like me!

Carla Shimeld,
Simply Childcare

Thank you for downloading our site information. It would have been awful if all that had been lost, so we are indebted to you for your foresight.
Thank you for your phone call this evening. You are really giving us royal service and for that we are very grateful. Without your expertise we could be in a terrible pickle by now, but hopefully you will get the site back on track and keep it up to scratch for us. Many thanks.

Elaine Quigley,
British Institute of Graphologists

I have now seen my site and I think it is absolutely excellent!! Well done.
Thanks for the changes -- perfect.

Erik Rees,

Thank you again for all your help.

Scott White,
Posner & White

Thank you for what you are doing.

Helen Mears,
Streams in the Desert

Thank you for work you've put in to transfer the domain names and sort out the new hosting facility.

Richard Pachucki,
McCormack and Kent Consulting

I am absolutely DELIGHTED that she's decided to go with you, rather than pressing on with [name deleted]. It will be a real delight just to be able to upload files, and then forget about them!

Marion Rayner,
Web developer

Many thanks for your expertise, patience and assistance in managing my website and ensuring it remains attractive, informative and simple to use.

Margaret White,
Consultant Graphologist

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